Mary Roxanne Harmon
Artist Statement

Since becoming a full time professional artist in 1997, my work has evolved into a wide range of media, styles, and subject matter for both the commercial and private sector. Murals, commissioned oil and acrylic paintings, faux finishes, furniture painting, canvas floorcloths and mixed media art provide variety and plenty of room for exploration.

Having no formal art education, I learned to paint by practicing and experimenting with design. I have learned to respect the creative process, which seems to have a mind of its own, and try not to over think or over plan a project too much. An emphasis on color, texture and the space the art will be in are the most important elements of the custom art I design.

So many aspects of our lives have become massed produced and impersonal. In my work, the client is given the chance to incorporate their creativity and personality into the design. It produces a unique and very rewarding challenge melding the client's preferences, surroundings, and colors with my own artistic vision for the space. The work then becomes very distinctive and has a meaningful presence in their surroundings which I find very satisfying.

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